Chinese-American Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (COAA)

What is COAA

The Chinese-American Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (COAA) is a non-profit and charitable organization (Combined Federal Campaign Agency Designation No. 60027) that operates under the Public Benefit Corporation Law for scientific purposes. Elected yearly at annual meetings, the Board of Directors consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Ocean and Atmosphere Program Chairs, and Directors in Membership, Publicity, and Publication. Special Committees and Regional Coordinators are assigned by the Board to promote membership drive and networking in areas outside of Washington DC.

COAA Mission

  • To network ocean and atmosphere professionals in establishing a forum based on common interests;
  • To facilitate professional contacts;
  • To improve qualification and occupational opportunities.

COAA Statement on Stereotyping and Targeting of Chinese Students and Academics

Feb. 21, 2018 Recently the FBI director Chris Wray said, in a recent Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, regarding the Chinese students and scholars being "a whole-of-society threat" to U.S. security. Wray's comments were made in response to Senator Marco Rubio's question about the "counter-intelligence risk" that Chinese students and scholars pose to U.S. national security. Such view has caused serious concerns and strong condemnations from many Chinese-American communities, organizations, and individuals. To express our view on this matter and in solidarity with other Chinese-American communities, COAA has issued the statement. We also strongly encourage each member to contact their senators and congress representatives.

14 Chinese-American community organizations call for Meeting with FBI Director Christopher Wray .

If you would like to support the effort of these 14 organizations, you can sign the form .


COAA-CMA Beijing Conference Program is NOW AVAILABLE

July 27-30, Beijing We are pleased to announce that the conference participants list, conference program and abstract database are now available at: Conference Agenda.

CAS Institute of Atmospheric Physics Is Looking to Recruit High-caliber Talents

CAS IAP Rescruiting Webpage (English) .

CAS IAP Rescruiting Webpage (Chinese) .

COAA-SCC 2015 Fall Workshop

September 26th, Los Angeles, CA COAA Southern California Chapter (SCC) will host an annual workshop at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in Sep. 26. The theme of this year's workshop is Career Planning and Development Read more here.

COAA co-convened 2016 AMS Session

Jan 2016, New Orleans, LA We would like to draw your attention to a COAA co-sponsored and co-convened joint session, entitled "Part II of Special Sessions on US-International Partnerships: Joint Research and Coordinated Observations in Hydrometeorology, Extremes and High-Impact Events in the US and Asia," as a part of the upcoming 2016 AMS Annual Meeting to be held during January 10-14 in New Orleans, Louisiana. We strongly encourage you to consider submitting an abstract to this session. For details, please read the announcement.