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Early-Career Presentation Award

The 8th COAA International Conference on Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Change (ICAOCC), July 10-12, 2019

Nanjing, China

Hosted by the Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST)

Qualifications for this early-career presentation award:

1. Presenter must be a young scientist who is a Ph.D student or a young professional who graduated on or after 2014. 

2. Oral or poster presentation

Instruction for presenters:

1. Scores of judge are equally given to presentation skills and scientific content, so please pay attention to both aspects

2. Whether oral or poster, the presentation must be orally presented and explained by the applicants. So poster presenters please try to stand by your poster whenever possible

3. The score sheet is the same for both presentation types

4. Do not change the title of your presentation after abstract submission (if change, judges may not be able to find your presentation)

5. Judges will remain anonymous throughout the meeting, so you may need to give the same quality of presentation to all who inquire about your poster or oral presentation. Treat everyone as if they were a judge, because they might just be!

Judge Criteria:

(To help the presenters to prepare their presentations, here is a list of judge criteria from which presenters could understand what judges are looking for)

* Definition of problem

* Originality and creativity

* Scientific/technical quality of approach

* Discussion of results

* Effectiveness of figures

* Presentation, handing of questions

* Organization

* Status of Research

Note on application:

1. Please fill and submit the application form below

1. Award application is now OPEN with a due date 06/20/2019

2. If you have any question on this award, please contact the Award Coordinators, Ms. Chenyang Xu at coaabestpresentation@gmail.com.