COAA ITEC 2011 workshop for CMA Wuhan Regional Climate Center

March 29 - April 4, 2011

Photo: Wuhan

In March 2011, COAA ITEC hosted a training workshop "Emergency Response and Management Training Program" for six delegates from CMA Wuhan Regional Climate Center. The visiting group arrived at Washington D.C. on March 29th, 2011, lead by Dr. Huanyin Huang, Chief of the Forecasting Division from Hubei Weather Bureau and the deputy director Dr. Zhou Yuehua, include Senior Engineer Liu Jinghui, Engineer Liu Zhixiong, Gao Zhengxu and Wang Fangfang. The purpose of this visit is to study the climate and hazard monitoring in US, atmospheric chemistry and physics processes and modeling to support local, state and federal policy-makers on the strategies for predicting weather and climate and minimizing the impacts of human activities on climate.

The delegation is hosted by COAA ITEC project director, NOAA research scientist Dr. Qian Haifeng. During this period of 03/29-04/04, the delegates visited local research institutes, NOAA NESDIS/NCEP, University of Maryland, and climate research company IMSG. Three special seminar sections were arranged accordingly. In NOAA CPC section, Dr. Du Jun presented a new concept with more effective skills between management and emergency response in weather forecast. Dr. Wang Wanqiu and Dr. Yang Song introduced the latest CFS forecasts and CPC respectively. Dr Zhou Yuehua also presented a brief introduction of Wuhan regional climate center. In UMD session, the delegation visited COAA ITEC located in the University of Maryland, College Park and held a professional exchange forum. Professor Dalin Zhang, from the department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, UMD, presented the latest modeling study of urbanization effects on the Baltimore metropolitan region. Dr. Quanan Zheng, from the department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, UMD, gave a talk of Introduction of USA Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Dr. Yuehua Zhou presented a brief introduction of the current progress and situation of Wuhan Regional Climate Center. Afterwards, both parties exchanged discussion. The delegates were impressed by the US emergency response procedures and measures and felt benefited greatly from the visit. They suggested that both sides conduct more in-depth cooperation in the future on the topics of interest, such as urbanization effects. In IMSG section, IMSG CEO Vance Ham, Vice President Paul Chan, Chief scientist Dr. Le Jiang and the delegates exchanged their views and discussed the relevant research results in-depth and look forward to cooperation.

Photo: Wuhan

Through this workshop, COAA and CMA Wuhan Regional Climate Center gained better understanding of each other and expressed willingness to establish further cooperation and friendship in the future. The Wuhan Regional Climate Center Delegation's 6 delegates concluded their 6-day visit on April 4th, 2011 and back to Wuhan safely on April 5th.

Photo: Wuhan
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