Regional Chapters:

Since its inception in 1993, the COAA family has grown from a small group of Chinese-American scientists residing in the greater Washington DC area to the current large community of more than 600 members located in different geographical regions. Currently, there are three chapters in addition to the greater Whashinton DC area:

  • Southern California Chapter
    • Dr. Baijun Tian (UCLA)- President, COAASCC.EC AT GMAIL
    • Dr.Tangdong Qu (UCLA)- Vice President
    • Dr.Wenshan Wang (UCI)- Secretary
    • Dr.Yue Huang (UCLA) - Treasurer
    • Dr.Hongchen Qin (UCI) - Webmaster/Newsletter Editor
    • Dr.Ru Chen (UCLA) - Membership Manager
    • Regional Directors:

    • Huilin Huang (UCLA)
    • Jinbo Wang (JPL)
    • Feng Zhu (USC)
    • Liyin He Caltech)
    • Wenshan Wang (UCI)
    • Rui Sun (UCSD)
    • Xiquan Dong (U of Arizona)

  • Colorado Chapter
  • Northwest Chapter
    • Dr. Muyin Wang - President
    • Dr. Hailong Wang - Vice President