COAA 2014 Annual Meeting

On January 25th 2014, the Chinese-American Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (COAA) held an annual meeting at the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. The event started with the extraordinary lectures given by two new honorary members: academician Yihui Ding of the China's National Climate Center and Dr. William Lau of the NASA/GSFC. Professor Ding gave a talk entitled "Global climate change and the inter-decadal variability of the East Asian winter monsoon"; while Dr Lau presented "The Ying-Yang (floods and droughts) and the Chi (Hadley Circulation) of the Global Water Cycle". The informative and inspiring lectures drew considerable attendance. There were also interactive discussions and exchanges of ideas between the audience and the lecturers.

After the lectures, the participants enjoyed a delicious Chinese buffet lunch. Members chatted about work, life, and family in a very warm and friendly atmosphere during the lunch. The annual meeting started after lunch, and chaired by the 2013 COAA president, Professor  Zhanqing Li. Professor Li first reported the activities in the past year, including the establishing and selection ofthe Best Doctoral Dissertation Award, hosting AGU dinner party, the summer picnic, science lectures, etc. One most distinguished successful event was that COAA held the Sixth International Conference in Hong Kong. A total of more than two hundred Chinese Oceanic and Atmospheric scientists from around the world attended the conference, and more than thirty seven papers were published. Professor Li also thanked the COAA 2013 board members for their assistance and support over the past year.

The 2014 president of COAA is Dr. Chung-Chu Teng, and the vice president is Dr. Jin Huang. Other board members including Drs. Jingfeng Huang, Haifeng Qin, Xiaozheng Xiong, Jiangtao Xu, Lihang Zhou, Jingsi Gao, Jie Gong, Hao He, Huan Wu, Zewen Yang. The new board had a meeting right after and had discussions on the proposed activities and general direction for the coming year.

Pictures taken at the event can be found here.