COAA 2014 Annual Family and Friend Picnic Day

August 2014 - The 2014 COAA Annual Family and Friend Picnic Day took place on August 31 in the Cabin John Regional Park, Bethesda, MD. It was one of the hottest and most humid days of this summer, but sunshine and humidity did not stop the attendees, but rather boosted up the enthusiasm. More than 60 people, including many long-term and new COAA members from the Washington D.C. area and visiting scholars from China, attended this event. Everyone enjoyed the gathering with old and new friends in a very relaxed atmosphere. The conversation covered a wild variety of topics of research, education and family life. Families of COAA members also participated with great passion and delicious potluck foods. COAA provided barbeque entries, fruits and beverages. The President, Chung-Chu Teng, greeted all the attendees. After picnic a board meeting was held to make plans for several future activities including COAA AGU and AMS elections, receptions and COAA honorary member selection.

(News provided by Dr. Jie Gong; Photo credit to Dr. Chung-Chu Teng)

Pictures taken at the event can be found here.