COAA 2015 AMS Banquet

January 2015 - COAA held the 2015 AMS Annual Meeting Reception on January 6, 2015 at the Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona. More than 100 scientists, researchers, and professionals in the atmospheric and oceanic sciences attended the reception. The event started at 6pm and went well beyond 9pm. All attendees had a lot of great and joyful time to communicate and interact with each other while having delicious dinner provided by COAA.

After the reception dinner, COAA President Chung-Chu Teng introduced this year's AMS award recipients (Bin Wang - The Rossby Research Medal; Yi Ming - The Houghton Award; Xuhui Lee - The award for Outstanding Achievement in Biometeorology; Fuqing Zhang and Yonghui Weng - The Miller Award; and Zhujun Li - The Hobbs Student Prize), AMS new fellows (Qingyun Duan, Fuqing Zhang, and Renyi Zhang), and some NOAA award recipients (Jin Huang, Banghua Yan, etc.). Representatives of COAA's corporate sponsors, Dr. Jingli Yang from ERT, Dr. Le Jiang from IMSG, and Mr. Joe Fucundo from CyberData, made brief remarks. Several special guests also gave speeches, including Dr. Xiaofeng Xu (Deputy Administrator of China Meteorological Administration), Dr. Xu Tang (Director of WMO Weather and Disaster Reduction Service Dept.), Dr. Xiaolei Zou (Dean of Atmospheric Science College, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology), Dr. Song Yang (Associate Dean of Environmental Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University), and Dr. Jann-Yeng Liu (Chief Scientist of Taiwan National Space Program).

Dr. Teng made a presentation on behalf of COAA at the Reception. In addition to COAA's functions and organization, Dr. Teng briefly described COAA's efforts and achievements on COAA International Conferences, Receptions at AMS, Banquets at AGU, establishment of local chapters, BBQ social activities, COAA Newsletters, COAA Website, and best dissertation awards. Dr. Teng repeatedly emphasized COAA's main goal - to foster a culture to connect individual Chinese Americans in the oceanic and atmospheric fields and to help each other in advancing our scientific careers. The AMS Reception ended after the presentation, and many attendees stayed and continued to chat and to interact with others. This was another successful event that provided COAA members and friends a great opportunity to communicate with each other, to learn from each other, and to build more collaboration in the future.

COAA would like to thank Prof. Zhihua Wang of Arizona State University and his graduate students for their strong and effective local support. The event could not be successful without their support!

AMS Banquet photos can be found at here.

(News provided by Dr. Chung-Chu Teng and edited by Jiangtao Xu and Wenze Yang; Photo credits to Jiachuan Yang of ASU)