COAA Family Day and BBQ

Sep 2012

Sep, 2012, A social event, COAA Family Day and BBQ took place on September 29 in Cabin John Regional Park, Bethesda, MD. It was a cool and sunny day in the early Fall. About 50 COAA members (from nearby federal agencies, universities, and companies) and their families attended this event. Everyone enjoyed plenty of delicious and authentic Chinese and American food prepared by COAA board members and general members. Many attendees, young or senior, had fun on meeting with new friends in a very relaxed atmosphere. The President, Kung-Hwa Wang, briefly greeted everybody and made announcement for several activities COAA is planning, including the upcoming AMS 2013 COAA reception and COAA 2013 Hong Kong Conference which is facilitated by Drs. Zhanqing Li (Univ. of Maryland) and Bill Lau (NASA/GSFC). The next day was the Middle Autumn Festival, attendees also shared joy on celebrating the traditional Chinese festival.

Pictures taken at the event can be found here.