COAA 2010 Social Event at the Hilton

September 23, 2010

Photo: Hilton

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

On September 22, the Chinese-American Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (COAA) held a special dinner and social event for welcoming the China Meteorological Administrator Dr. Zheng Guoguang and his delegation and for celebrating the traditional mid-autumn festival in Hilton Hotel, Silver Spring, MD. The event was co-sponsored by the Nanjing University Alumni, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology Alumni and two industry partners: the Earth Research Technology (ERT) and I.M.System Group (IMSG). About 150 scholars and their families from the Washington metropolitan area, as well as colleagues from far away, including Professor Xiaolei Zou from Florida State University, gathered and celebrated for this special event.

The event was organized and led by COAA president-elect, Dr. Fuzhong Weng. At the opening remarks, Dr. Weng welcomed Dr. Zheng Guoguang and his associate Dr. Luo Yunfeng, and all colleagues in US for attending this special event on this special day. He wished everyone happy mid-autumn festival and praised the hard work of a special committee in preparation of this event. He then introduced the guest-in-honor, Dr. Zheng Guoguang to the podium.

Photo: Hilton

Standing before a large room of people gathered in honor of him, Dr. Zheng expressed his deep appreciation of the warm welcome and high respect he received from his friends and colleagues in COAA. He also thanked overseas Chinese meteorologists for many important contributions and collaborations that benefited China’s meteorological development. He briefly introduced the history and current status of China-U.S. collaboration in meteorology and weather services and the very purpose of his Washington DC visit – signing of the 17th Session of the US-PRC Joint Working Group (JWG-17) on Cooperation in the Field of Atmospheric Science and Technology. He also expressed his sincere apologies for postponing the event because of the unexpected U.N conference on originally scheduled date of Sep.19. He wished friends and colleagues in COAA a happy mid-autumn festival and every success and happiness living abroad.

Following the dinner, Dr. Zheng gave a very exciting and inspiring report on China’s meteorological developments and perspectives, which received much applause from the audience. After Dr. Zheng’s presentation, COAA secretary Dr. Zhibo Zhang presented a short introduction of COAA’s history and COAA sponsored important events and activities. Representatives of the two sponsoring companies, Dr. Jingli Yang (president of ERT) and Dr. Le Jiang (chief scientist of IMSG) took the opportunity to introduce their companies and shared their personal growth from scientists to entrepreneur.

Photo: Hilton

The event was a huge success. People enjoyed meeting with old and new friends, as well as wine, music and moon cakes that marked the largest social event in COAA’s history. This event will no doubt promote further understanding and new collaborations between Chinese-American atmospheric and Oceanic scientists and China’s meteorological administration and society.

华府星源: 美华海洋大气学会 欢迎中国国家气象局局长郑国光博士一行及中秋晚宴於2010年9月22日在银泉市希尔顿饭店隆重举行